RPAC Information

RPAC stands for Realtor® Political Action Committee. PACs have received a bad name in the last few years, representing a problem with the current political system in the minds of many. But the political system we have is the system we must work within to ensure that issues vital to the every day life of Realtors® are being addressed. It is through RPAC, at the local, state and national levels, that the voice of the real estate community is heard, loud and clear.

In the past six years, RPAC has saved the real estate community millions of dollars. In fact:

• Realtors® were personally saved $1,200 with the defeat of a proposal to levy a service tax on all professionals - including Realtors®.

• Realtors® were saved $260 through the defeat of a proposal to treat Realtors® as employees under the Workers Compensation Act.

• Realtors® were saved $45 by the defeat of a proposal to tax Internet provider services used by Realtors®.

In addition to these, RPAC and the NAR has been lobbying for years to gain small business health insurance coverage for Realtors®. Congress is closer than ever before to approving the proposed bill, which could save real estate professionals hundreds of dollars and provide greater individual and family security through changes to the health insurance laws.

The purposed of RPAC is essentially to promote and defend issues that impact the livelihood or every Realtor® member of the SAR. In the words of President John F. Kennedy, "Political responsibility is the highest action of a citizen." Member support of RPAC furthers that ideal, and helps RPAC protect and preserve Realtor® values, individual property rights, and the homeownership rights of everyone.